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Welcome to Easy Tab Creator

Easy Tab Creator is an application that runs on Facebook.
It allows you to customize your Facebook Page(s) by adding your own content
(text, images, embed YouTube videos etc).
The application adds a Welcome tab which is the first thing that users will see when they visit your Facebook Page.

1 Dynamic Content (for fans and non-fans) 2 Simple User Interface 3 Manage Multiple Pages

Dynamic Content

This allows you to show some content that calls for action. Non-fans for exmaple could see the text "like our page to get access to some exclusive materials etc.". Your page's fans could be greeted differently. "Thank you for liking our Facebook Page. Here is a list of exclusive videos we have .... "

Simple User Interface

You will first see the Dashboard which contains some stats (number of pages, your current plan etc.). From Manage Pages screen you can update each page's content. The content management is just one page long. When you are done just click a button and your changes will be live.

Manage Multiple Pages

You can manage multiple page from one location. This is very useful if you own several pages yourself and manage pages for somebody else.
You will need to be listed as administrator to a specific page and the page will show up in "Manage Pages" screen.