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Easy Tab Pro + Make $$$

We have released Easy Tab Pro which includes all the addons at an affordable monthly/yearly price.
Additionally, if you refer your friends and they signup you will get recurring commissions up to 3 levels deep.
Example: YOU -> A -> B -> C.
YOU refer A, A refers B, B and refers C
As long as A, B, C stay as clients you will get paid every month.
Note: Commissions will be paid NET 60. For example commissions from January will be paid in March, commissions from February in April etc.
The client must stay for at least two full months in order for you to get a commission.
Minimum payout is: $25 via PayPal

How to Join the Affiliate Program ?

You need to install
Easy Tab Creator (LITE) or Easy Tab PRO (subscription based)
then go to Affiliates/$$$ (within the app) to get your affiliate link.