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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Facebook Page in the first place ?

You need a Facebook Page because people now are more on Facebook than they are on their emails.
Having a Facebook page for your product or your service will provide you with quality traffic.
People who like your page can share your Facebook Page’s status and it can go viral.
Also you can notify people about updates more easily.

What are the features / benefits of the application ?

Who is this application designed for ?

Easy Tab Creator is for people who own or administrate one more Facebook Pages.

How much does it cost ?

See the Pricing page

What makes your product different/better than the other Welcome tab software ?

Good question. Our application has a simpler User Interface and allows you to manage 3 pages for FREE.
Almost all of the other companies allow you to manage just 1 page for free if this is an option at all.
Additionally, some will ask you to pay even before you have seen how your Facebook looks like.

What types of support do you offer ?

We offer free email support. You can either use the contact form or send an email to Image.
Email support is the preferred way of communication because it allows us to better plan and prioritize tasks.
We try to get back to you within 24h-48h if not sooner.

If it is an (extermely) urgent case and you haven't received a reply within 8 hours then call us: United States: US Phone; Canada: Canadian Phone
Please make sure you leave your name, company name, phone number (extension ?) and the best time to reach you at.

Can I add images ?

Yes, the application allows you to link to images hosted on your server, flickr etc.
In future we may provide file uploads depending on how many people request this functionality.

Is there a screencast showing how to install and use Easy Tab Creator ?

Yes, here is the link

How can I install the application ?

Please also check the next question what permissions are necessary.

What permissions does this application require ?

Access my basic information (Includes name, profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, list of friends, and any other information I've shared with everyone.)
We need to know who you are. This information is shared with everybody anyways.

Send me email (may email me directly at
We may inform you about the cool new features or in case of a problem with the app that requires your attention.

Post to my Wall (may post status messages, notes, photos, and videos to my Wall Access my data any time)
This allows you to post a status message on your Facebook Wall from within the app. We will not post random stuff on wall automatically only the status messages you have posted / scheduled.

Access my data any time (may access my data when I'm not using the application)
Sounds scary ? .. but it's not If you haven't used the app within 24 hours we won't be able to notify you should there be a need. In the future this permission will allow you to schedule posts in advance so when go away for a week and everything will be live on a specific date (based on your timezone). That way you won't have to worry about time differences and internet connections while you are away.

Manage my pages (may login as one of my Pages)
This permission gives us access to the pages you currently own or have admin rights. This allows you to post a status update on your Page's wall from within the application.

How can I create a Facebook page ?

Just go to to create one.

Can I remove "Powered by ...." footer link for my page(s)?

Yes, contact us or send an email to Image to let us know how many and which pages you want the branding removed from.
Note: Keep in mind the charges will be per page/year.

Can I resell your services?

Contact us or send an email to Image so we can discuss what your needs are.

Other questions ?

Contact us or send an email to Image